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The Legacy of Feet

Did you know feet have tremendous significance in the Bible? Here are some of the many ways feet serve God’s purposes. What are your feet up to lately?

Slipping Anchors

For the most part, anchors are to keep a boat from drifting. What happens when they slip?

Finding Normal

When life brings unexpected, scary twists and turns, where can hope be found, and who helps us abound in it?

Stained Pages, Changed Lives

What do well-worn library books tell us about those who have read the pages before us, and how do we invite God to help us tell our own story?

Unlocking "Stuck"

Recently, an astute and caring teacher turned the key of my son's mind and found a way to let out the panic over a particular assignment. What has you unnecessarily stuck today?

To Those Who Go Unnoticed

Many people clamor for attention in a world where “loud” is valued. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but how can we encourage the folks who often feel overlooked?

That Which Sticks to Us

Many interactions in our day fight to stick to us, cycling through our minds and affecting our output. When you pull at the Velcro of your day, what do you want to still find there and what should fall away?

Right Life, Wrong Driver

Ever get in the wrong car and try to start driving? Even if you aren’t as daft as I am, there is great wisdom in having the correct driver at all times...even on Mother's Day!

Riding Brooms—Forgetting His Benefits

How did a simple Facebook mistake lead to a much greater reflection? And what do brooms and benefits have to do with each other?

Publishing Peace

What does it mean to “publish peace”? Why is it so vital to our spiritual health that we proclaim this Good News to a hurting world?

Living Honestly, PART 1

What does a Venn diagram have to do with living honestly and the fine art of relationship boundaries? Find out why you need one.

Leaving Legacies: Grafted In

What legacy are you leaving the next generation? Find out what it means to be “grafted in” Christ.

Whom the Son Sets Free

This Easter, how do I know if I am really a Christian? If Jesus is Lord of my life? Let’s see what Jesus said in His own words.

The Beautiful Road Less Travelled: Reconciliation

What makes reconciliation so difficult—and yet so important to God? Find out why He tells us to make peace with each other before coming with an offering to His altar.

Why Our Power Never Really Runs Out

Recent storms in New England (and up and down the Eastern Seaboard) left us un-plugged and powerless. Find out why we are neither of those two things when call on the name of Christ.

Why God Doesn't Settle for Being Our Last Resort

Is God often your last resort? Find out why that is and how you can get back on track. His only place is front and center if we want to have a productive, joy-filled, blessed life.

An Ordinary Cup of Tea

How does God reveal His daily love and care for us? Maybe you have examples like this one in your life.

Pushing Through Fears

What is Kingdom living, and how do we push through our fears to get there?

Unsent Letters: The Art of Self-Control

Have you ever written letters that you never sent? Find out where self-control can be found and why it yields a harvest in the kingdom of God.

Prayer Like Incense: From Our Lips to God’s Nostrils

How do we render effectual prayers in impossible, stuck situations? Find out how prayers rise up as worship to a Creator waiting to breathe them in and respond.
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