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Expert: Working remotely means new expectations amid unprecedented uncertainty

UMass Lowell

Employees making the shift to remote work due to the coronavirus crisis are in uncharted waters, as co-workers scramble to connect with each other while remaining physically distant. 

Before the pandemic hit, some 8 million people worked from home, according to U.S. Census figures. That figure has grown tremendously in just the last few weeks and with it, the number of workers who need to find a balance between conducting personal and professional activities in the same space. 

Elana Feldman, an expert in how time management shapes employees’ performance and relationships with colleagues, is available for interviews on what managers and employees can do to navigate the changing realities of working remotely in these unprecedented times. Topics include:
•    The important social cues and interpersonal signals among workers that get missed when people work from home and how to compensate in this new environment;
•    The evolving expectations of managers tasked with supervising a remote workforce;
•    Tips on how workers can structure their time to remain productive while juggling work and home obligations.

Feldman teaches organizational behavior in UMass Lowell’s Manning School of Business. To arrange an interview via phone, email or Skype (or another platform), contact Nancy Cicco at [email protected] or Christine Gillette at [email protected] or 978-758-4664.
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