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Meet Our Adoptable Pets of the Week: Doves!

Mar 31, 2019 11:05AM
You're probably used to seeing cats, dogs and maybe the occasional rabbit featured in pet of the week posts, but we have something a little different for you today! Peace, Harmony and Pigwidgeon are three beautiful doves who need a home! Peace and Harmony are two lovely bonded ringneck doves who were surrendered due to their owners health-their owner will be receiving a kidney transplant and can't have birds in their home after this lifesaving surgery. They are a bonded pair who enjoy being together and are caged together. They are fairly social and friendly. Pigwidgeon is a third dove who also needs a home, but does not need to be placed with Peace and Harmony. Pigwidgeon is not quite a social as Peace and Harmony, but keeps to herself and enjoys quiet, she has a beautiful soft coo coo that will relax you. 

These beautiful birds need a loving home- can you help us find them a family? Please spread the word! These beauties are available for adoption at Lowell Humane Society, they are in a foster home, so please contact the shelter at [email protected] to start the adoption process. Can't adopt? Please consider becoming a monthly hero by making a gift of $10 (or more!) each month, visit their website to get started.
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