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Dog and Cat “Best Friends” Surrendered To The Shelter In The Same Pet Carrier

 BOSTON – Newly homeless pets are surrendered to the MSPCA-Angell’s animal care and adoption centers every day, but the March 14th arrival of a cat named Kitty and a dog named Leila was so rare that shelter staff have seen a similar circumstance only once in the last four years: the best friends and confidants were brought in sharing the same pet carrier.  

Now the two are sharing makeshift quarters in a room apportioned just for them, breaking with the MSPCA’s traditional housing protocol. 

 “We typically house dogs and cats separately because in the majority of cases the animals will have never met—and it can be scary, especially for cats who may be fearful of dogs, to be near them,” said Anna Rafferty-Fore, associate director of the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center. 

Staying Together, No Matter What

Not only do Kitty, a long-haired brown and white tabby, and Leila, a Chihuahua, share the same room, but Rafferty-Fore and her team are determined not to separate them. 

“Leila is two years old and has lived every moment of her life with Kitty [age six].  They are each other’s best friend and keeping them together has made a very difficult situation much easier for them to handle.”

The two friends lost their home the way so many other pets do: their family was forced to move and they could not find housing that would accommodate their pets.  

According to Rafferty-Fore, it’s the number-one reason why animals are surrendered to the MSPCA.  “It breaks our heart every time and fires us up to resettle these pets into wonderful homes as soon as we can.”

Adopters Wanted!

The MSPCA is seeking adopters willing to take in both Kitty and Leila and shower them with attention and love.  “They are playful, affectionate and gentle—all the qualities that make for wonderful pets,” said Rafferty-Fore.

Anyone interested in adopting the pair can email [email protected] or visit them at the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center in Jamaica Plain during open hours.


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