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Bobcat Spotted Wandering In Dracut Neighborhood

Oct 17, 2018 05:33PM ● By Bill Gilman

This male bobcat was spotted wandering on Concord Road in Dracut. (Paula Noel photo)

Stray cat?
Nope, the feline strutting along Concord Road (off Pelham Road) in Dracut this week is an adult male bobcat.
Bobcats, the only wild feline found in Massachusetts, is generally no threat to humans. However, they do pose a threat to small livestock and chickens and have been known to attack small dogs and feral or domestic cats.
The photo above was taken by resident Paula Noel.
Here are some tips from the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Wildlife regarding bobcats.

TIPS FOR RESIDENTS: Bobcats are well-adapted to a variety of habitats, such as mountainous areas with rocky ledges, hardwood forests, swamps, bogs, and brushy areas near fields. Bobcats deal with human influences but tend to avoid areas with extensive agriculturally cleared lands that eliminate other habitat types. Bobcats are adapting to suburban settings and may be seen in backyards and residential areas. Bobcats rarely cause conflicts with human activities.

TRACKS: Bobcat tracks may sometimes be confused with the tracks of domestic housecats although adult bobcat prints are larger than a house cat. Bobcat tracks have four toes in the front and back although the front foot actually has five toes. The fifth toe is raised high on the forefeet so it does not leave an impression when it walks. The claws also do not leave an impression, as they are usually retracted.

PROTECT LIVESTOCK AND CHICKENS: Bobcats may prey on small livestock and chickens. Avoid pasturing animals or placing coops in remote areas or in areas near heavily wooded cover. Pen livestock in or near a barn at night. Keep chickens within secure pens or coops. Electric fencing may be used as a deterrent.

MISIDENTIFICATION: Bobcats are the only wild cat in Massachusetts. For information about mountain lion (cougar) reports, visit

Central Wildlife District, West Boylston: (508) 835-3607
Connecticut Valley Wildlife District, Belchertown: (413) 323-7632
Northeast Wildlife District, Ayer: (978) 772-2145
Southeast Wildlife District, Bourne: (508) 759-3406
Western Wildlife District, Dalton: (413) 684-1646
Field Headquarters, Westborough: (508) 389-6300


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