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MSPCA Wants To Know Who Abandoned Three Guinea Pigs

Oct 07, 2018 12:07AM ● By Bill Gilman

Lowell, MA- Early Wednesday morning a Lowell resident was walking his dog at Shedd Park when he came across a shoebox just off the path. As he passed, he nudged the box with his foot and he heard rustling inside as it began to move a bit. He was nervous about what he might find, but gingerly lifted the box to look inside and found 3 small guinea pigs. He finished his walk early, balancing the box in his arms as he finished walking his dog and immediately drove to Lowell Humane Society to hand the animals over.

We are grateful for members of the community like this gentleman, who jumped to action when he found animals in need. We want to remind families who need assistance with rehoming their animals that Lowell Humane Society is open six days a week to take calls and that they should never abandon their pet. If you are facing the decision of surrendering your animal, contact Humane Society staff and they may have resources to help you keep your pet. If surrender is necessary, there is NO FEE to surrender your animal to the shelter, while they ask for a donation it is NOT required. “We’re here for our community and never want to see a pet be put in harms way.” says Crystal Arnott, Communications & Fundraising Manager for the Humane Society, “With the cold weather approaching, we want to express how important it is to not leave animals unattended in boxes, tied up outside or otherwise left alone.” If you have a stray cat in your neighborhood, contact the Humane Society for information on how to make sure they don’t have an owner before scooping them up to bring inside. 

If you have details on who may have abandoned the guinea pigs in Shedd Park, please contact Arnott at Lowell Humane Society at 978-452-7781. To make a donation to help care for the abandoned guinea pigs or to learn more about the adoption or surrender process, visit

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