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Owner Of Dracut Jewelry Repair And Design Is Following A Family Tradition

Sep 30, 2018 10:17PM ● By Bill Gilman

Adam Desrosiers, owner of Dracut Jewelry Repair and Design

Adam Desrosiers knew what he wanted to be from a young age. But his inspiration wasn't some pro athlete or character on a TV show or a movie.
Adam Desrosiers grew up watching his father, George Desrosiers, practice his craft as a master jeweler and knew he wanted to follow in those talented footsteps. And like his father, Desrosiers wanted to open his own shop, a place where he could not only create unique pieces and repair items of material worth and sentimental value but also a place where he could forge relationships, building trust and tailoring his work for each client.
Last month, Desrosiers opened Dracut Jewelry Repair and Design at 316 Pleasant St., across from Hannaford's. 
"For me it's about the chance to work with my hands and create and give the customer exactly what they want," he said. "Whether it's something that's already made up that I can find for them or something I can make up custom. It's very important to get it right and do it how they want it done."
Desrosiers is a home-grown talent. After graduating from Dracut High in 2000, Desrosiers attended the North Bennett Street School, a highly respected artisan trade school in the North End Boston, where he received his first formal training in jewelry making.
"My father was a jeweler. He's retired now. But he owned Jemard Jewelers in downtown Lowell and then he also owned George's Jewelry, also in Lowell," said the 37-year-old Derosiers. "It's something I watched him do, I wanted to give it a shot and took to it right away."
Derosiers' first professional work was for Kay's Jewlers, doing repair work for several of their stores. He moved on to Roberts' Jewelers in Dracut, where he hones his craft for 12 years.
While the work was enjoyable, he knew that being in someone else's employ would not fulfill his professional ambition or creative drive.
"I knew it was time to do my own thing and open up my own shop," he said. 
The well-attended Grand Opening of Dracut Jewelry Repair and Design was a special evening for Derosiers. Among the dozens of guests with friends and family, including his very proud parents.
"It's been a long time getting to this point. It's been a long road," said Desrosiers. 
Desrosiers' love and commitment to his craft comes pouring out as he discusses his work. Every day brings a new project, a new challenge. Every day is an opportunity to create or restore something special.
"Working at my bench is (what I enjoy most,)" he said. "The art behind it, the craft. (I love) just being able to put my leather smock on every day and just work with my hands and create."
The inventory Desrosiers carries includes many quality lines of jewelry that he says are easily customizable. But he is also happy to craft items "from the ground up" for clients, based on their tastes.
"People can come in with pictures (of a design) or come with whatever ideas you have and we can sit down and design it out and make it," he said.
The other aspect to Derosiers' work, the repair part of the business, can be equally rewarding. He said that being able to "bring something back to life" that the owner was afraid had been destroyed, can be extremely gratifying.
"That's something I've done many times. They think it's gone and we are able to bring it back," he said. "The ring might have got run over by a car and someone will come in and say 'can you fix it.' Now sometimes we can and sometimes we can't. Sometimes it's too far gone."
On-site repair work Desrosiers can do includes, chain repair, soldering, re-sizing rings and re-setting stones. He is also trained and experienced at appraisal work.
Dracut Jewelry Repair and Design is a classic "mom and pop" operation. Derosiers works alone at the shop, with his wife, Heidi, helping behind the scenes on the business end.
And his father has offered to lend a hand if needed.
"He's offered to help if I need anything, he said he'd watch the shop if I needed it," said Derosiers. "It's nice to know that if I have any problems or any questions I can just pick up the phone and give him a call."
Dracut Jewelry Repair and Design is open Monday through Saturday. Hours are:
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