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No Gun Found But Two Dracut Students Charged In Connection With Threats

Sep 26, 2018 12:59PM ● By Bill Gilman

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 The Dracut Police Department and Dracut School Superintendent Steven Stone announced this week the results of an investigation into a report of a gun in a backpack.
The incident began when a student informed a coach of a second-hand report about a gun in a backpack.
According to information released, it was clear early in the investigation that no gun was present ands no gun had been personally seen.
However, as a result of the investigation, two students have been charged with crimes in Juvenile Court. One student is charged with making threats involving a gun and the other student is charged with intimidating a witness and threatening to commit a crime.
The Police Department and School Department made public the following joint press release regarding the incident:

At approximately 4:30 PM on Friday, Sept. 14, a Dracut High student approached a coach to pass on a second hand report that a DHS student had been in possession of a gun during school hours. Within minutes of the student’s report, the Dracut Police Department and the school administration were contacted. Within the hour, the student had been interviewed by the Dracut Police, and an investigation began.
Early on in the investigation, it became apparent that there was no evidence that a gun was brought to Dracut High and that no individual had ever seen a weapon. In addition to the police investigation, the school conducted its own investigation of the allegations, as a matter involving the school discipline code.
The Dracut Police have concluded their investigation and based on their findings have submitted criminal complaints to the Lowell Juvenile Court involving two Dracut High students. One student is expected to be arraigned later this week on charges in connection with making a verbal threat that a firearm was contained in a backpack. A second student is also expected to be arraigned this week in connection with intimidation of a witness, and making threats to commit a crime. Of particular note, the charges do not include anything related to the possession of a weapon. Juvenile proceedings are closed to the public and no additional identifying information about the students involved shall be released.
“Although no weapon was ever on school property, the Dracut Police take threats seriously. Our ongoing cooperation with the school administration is an expression of the priority we place on school safety. We will continue our collaborative efforts with the school department in all such matters,” said Dracut Police Chief Peter Bartlett. 
According to Superintendent of Schools, Steven Stone, Dracut students are encouraged to speak to an adult when they see or hear anything of concern. “In this case, the student who came forward to report what was heard, and the prompt action taken by the Dracut Police and the Dracut Public Schools demonstrate how seriously both organizations take such matters. It further demonstrates that we will not tolerate behavior that undermines the safety of the school community,” said Stone.

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