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ENDORSEMENT: Lowell City Councilor Karen Cirillo Endorses Juana Matias In Third Congressional District

Sep 03, 2018 12:51PM ● By Theresa Gilman


(Editor's Note: the following information was provided by Team Matias.)

Lowell, MA - Lowell City Council Karen Cirillo has announced her endorsement of State Representative Juana Matias (D-Lawrence) in her bid for Massachusetts’ Third Congressional District. Cirillo is the latest in a string of local leaders to endorse Matias’s candidacy.

“Juana is a breath of fresh air who is passionate about the needs of the people of our district,” said Cirillo. “Her life has been what many of the families in our district are living at this very moment, and they need a champion. Our district is deserving of a representative in Congress who will make the lives, health, and well-being of our residents their priority. Juana has already proven herself in the State House diligently working towards making a difference for working families. I feel that she will continue to bring this passion, strength, genuine goodness, and fight to Washington for the 3rd Congressional District because, as she has stated, ‘Investing in the promise of people is personal to me.’”

“Councilor Cirillo embodies politics at its best: community members stepping up to create change and make life better for their neighbors,” said Matias. “During her time on the City Council, she’s worked to improve the lives of all Lowellians by fighting to protect our environment, strengthen our public schools, and ensure that immigrants continue to feel safe and welcome in our communities. I’m proud and honored to receive her endorsement in the Third Congressional District and I look forward to working with her and other local leaders when in Congress.”

Rep. Juana Matias has dedicated her career to serving the communities of the Third District – as a caseworker, a legal advocate, and, currently, a state representative. The Matias family settled in Haverhill when Juana was five. Juana’s parents spent nearly 20 years working blue-collar factory jobs, often at minimum wages, to provide for Juana and her three brothers. They would eventually save enough to start a small family business and achieve their American Dream. Juana attended Haverhill’s public schools and worked her way through UMass-Boston and Suffolk Law School before becoming a child-specific caseworker and then a Justice AmeriCorps legal advocate for children in deportation proceedings. In 2016, she beat a long-term incumbent to become the first Latina immigrant in the Massachusetts State House. If elected, she would be New England’s first Latina member of Congress.

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