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Juana Matias Releases Innovative Plan To Address Climate Change Crisis

Aug 11, 2018 06:07AM ● By Theresa Gilman

Juana Matias

(Editor's Note: the following information was provided by Team Matias.)

Lawrence, MA - Juana Matias, State Representative and candidate for Massachusetts’ Third Congressional District, has unveiled an innovative and forward-looking policy plan to protect our environment and address climate change. The proposal includes fresh ideas to reduce carbon emissions, develop the green economy, and advocate for environmental justice, as climate change disproportionately affects working class communities and communities of color.

“Climate change is the single greatest challenge facing humanity,” said Matias. “We have a moral obligation to leave our children and grandchildren with a healthy planet and right now, the United States is failing to meet that obligation. Instead of taking steps to address our climate crisis, the Trump Administration has taken us out of the Paris Climate Agreement, rolled back President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, and appointed climate change deniers to lead the EPA and Department of the Interior.

“Climate change affects each and every one of us, but not always in the same way. Climate change disproportionately affects working class communities and communities of color, who are more likely to live in regions with higher levels of pollution and have less access to the resources to mitigate its effects. As we tackle this crisis, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that these communities have a seat at the table.

“The time to take action to save our environment is now. As countries from China to India are investing in green technology and renewables, the United States is being left behind. We have an opportunity to save our environment and strengthen our economy by embracing green jobs, but only if we act quickly. I’m proud to lay out a plan that addresses the immediate threats of climate change while also strategically growing the green economy in the Third District and throughout the country.”

Rep. Juana Matias has dedicated her career to serving the communities of the Third District – as a caseworker, a legal advocate, and, currently, a state representative. The Matias family settled in Haverhill when Juana was five. Juana’s parents spent nearly 20 years working blue-collar factory jobs, often at minimum wages, to provide for Juana and her three brothers. They would eventually save enough to start a small family business and achieve their American Dream. Juana attended Haverhill’s public schools and worked her way through UMass-Boston and Suffolk Law School before becoming a caseworker and then a legal advocate for children in deportation proceedings. In 2016, she beat a long-term incumbent to become the first Latina immigrant in the Massachusetts State House. If elected, she would be New England’s first Latina member of Congress.

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