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Juana Matias Releases Comprehensive Opioid Policy Proposal

Jul 18, 2018 07:58PM ● By Theresa Gilman

Juana Matias

(Editor's Note: the following information was provided by Team Matias.) 

Lawrence, MA - Juana Matias, State Representative and Third Congressional District candidate, has released her comprehensive policy proposal to address the opioid epidemic. Matias’ plan includes bold proposals to expand needle exchanges, establish supervised injection sites, and prosecute individuals and corporations who contributed to the crisis.
“The opioid epidemic is one of the public health emergencies of our time. Last year in our district, we experienced almost double the national rate of overdoses,” said Rep. Matias. “We need to recognize that addiction is a chronic illness and treat those suffering with the empathy and compassion they deserve. We must ensure government is actually funding the resources we need to truly tackle this crisis.”
“I’m proud of my proposal’s policies, which lay out a clear plan to tackle this crisis in the short-run, as well as to address the structural issues that created this nightmare. Addiction is a disease, and it’s time to eliminate its stigma so that our neighbors and loved ones who are suffering can reach out for help. I’m committed to helping those in the grips of addiction get the comprehensive care they need to get clean, and to holding the individuals and corporations who caused this crisis legally accountable.”
Rep. Juana Matias has dedicated her career to serving the communities of the Third District – as a caseworker, a legal advocate, and, currently, a state representative. The Matias family settled in Haverhill when Juana was five. Juana’s parents spent nearly 20 years working blue-collar factory jobs, often at minimum wages, to provide for Juana and her three brothers. They would eventually save enough to start a small family business and achieve their American Dream. Juana attended Haverhill’s public schools and worked her way through UMass-Boston and Suffolk Law School. If elected, she would be New England’s first Latina member of Congress.

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