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State Progressive Leader Feeney Joins Dozens of Local Volunteers to Support L’Italien for Congress

Jun 19, 2018 04:27AM ● By Theresa Gilman

(Editor's Note: the following information was provided by Barbara L’Italien for Congress.)

HAVERHILL, MA — Paul Feeney, a state senator and the former Bernie for President state director in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and former IBEW 2222 legislative director–a well-known figure in both labor and progressive circles across the Commonwealth–joined dozens of volunteers from Haverhill and Methuen today to support his colleague State Senator Barbara L’Italien for Congress.
IBEW members also joined the crowd at Bradford Common assembled to knock on doors for L’Italien. Feeney introduced L’Italien and fired up supporters:
“This campaign is about all of us. Whether we win or lose depends on us going out and talking to people, starting in our own homes, in our own neighborhoods, in our workplaces, and throughout this district. What you are doing here today is going to propel Barbara L’Italien to United States Congress,” said Feeney.
Feeney’s endorsement represents growing support for L’Italien from the most progressive activist pockets of the Democratic primary electorate. The fiery Senator continued his populist address urging grassroots supporters of the importance of volunteering:
“Go out and having those conversations at the door, give people a reason to vote, give people hope, lift them up, make sure that they know that they have an opportunity in this district to send somebody to the United States Congress who isn’t just going to talk, but she’s going to act, she’s going to fight, and she’s will make sure that those common values and ideals that we all share are fought for in the United States Congress. Even with a bully in the White House, we’re going to have somebody who’s equally as tough, who fights for people, and who will make a difference for generations to come in this country,” said Feeney.
“Working people deserve to feel like their elected representatives have their back. Paul and I strive for that every day I’m really grateful that Paul is here endorsing me, because he’s a fighter just like I am. I originally got involved as a mom on a mission to make life better for my son with autism. He was my motivation to believe I could become a public servant and lift up all vulnerable people. Everyone here has their own mission, too - their own catalyzing reason they are here spending a Saturday knocking on doors. Whether it’s to improve the environment for your young kids, secure a life of dignity for your parents, or ensure not one more life is lost to gun violence, this campaign is about you. This fight is your fight,” said Senator L’Italien.


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