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At Your Library: Young Adult Poetry Contest Winners

Jun 16, 2018 05:24AM ● By Theresa Gilman

Teen poetry contest

Our Teen Librarian, Meaghan Chapman, held a Poetry Contest during the month of April. She received some pretty great poems from some very talented teens.  Here are the winners. Congratulations to all!


Army Men, by Emily Tillson

How will I feel
As he's sent off to war?
I'll probably yell with fear
And cry, I'm sure

Easter, Christmas, birthdays
What about family gatherings?
He'll probably be across the seas
All amongst gun shell scatterings

He'll leave his room behind
With his computer and blue walls
He won't walk with me to the bus stop
He'll stand proud for roll calls

He's only 3 years older
And I know it's only a few years
But as I count these next few months
I'll also count the tears

Gone are the days of Legos
And green army men toys
He's my older brother
Going off to be with the bigger boys

Honorable Mention

Reflection for a Renegade, by Christian Ramos, Grade 11

I've lived all my life

with nothing but my wits.

Living in the wrong lane,
and fate's made me accept this.

Always left to be Player 2,

and I've been trashed, with the world too.

No matter what year,

I'll stay the same.

But, Hey! I'm lucky to have my friends and MY fame.

Soon, the tables will turn MY way...

but until then, I'm living like a renegade.

Honorable Mention

by Hailey Talbot, Grade 7

Go outside, read a book,

Sit in a tree, and take a look.

Look at the pictures, read the words, Read to the butterflies, or even the birds. Read to your friend, read to yourself, Read to the mailman, read to an elf. Read in the pool, or even during school, Read on a stool, or read to a fool.

Read on the bus, read on a float,

Read in the ocean or even a boat.

Read on a plane, or read on a train. Books can be read, any time or place, Books can be read in outer space!

R represents relaxation E explains express

A appears for alleviation and D defines de-stress
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