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National Progressive Veterans Endorse Chandler For Congress In MA-3

May 31, 2018 06:35AM ● By Theresa Gilman

Alexandra Chandler

(Editor's Note: the following information was provided by the office of Alexandra Chandler.)

Haverhill, MA- Alexandra Chandler is proud to announce that she has been endorsed by Common Defense, a grassroots organization of veterans and military families representing 150,000 members. 

Common Defense says they chose to endorse Chandler because “her comprehensive and specific policy platform, particularly on foreign policy and human rights, along with her bold and inspiring vision on healthcare and economic opportunity, make Alexandra stand out from the crowded field of candidates for this seat being vacated by retiring Democrat Niki Tsongas. Alexandra’s grassroots campaign will pay off in the primary election on September 4th.”

Chandler said of this endorsement: “Common Defense and its more than 150,000 veteran and military family members and supporters have been at the front lines of a truly grassroots fight against the growing hate and violence in this country and the struggle for economic and social justice. I couldn’t be more proud to have the support of such patriots, and I will bring our shared values to Congress on behalf of the working class and middle class people of MA-3.

"As a member of the Intelligence Community, I swore an oath of office to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic— as did the many veterans that make up Common Defense. Like them, I consider my oath to be a lifelong obligation, with no expiration date. I renew my commitment to be a leader in Congress unafraid to stand up for the Constitution, and the rights and fundamentally American values enshrined within it: justice, equality, promoting the general welfare, securing the blessings of liberty- and to provide for the common defense.

"I will fulfill this commitment by being unafraid to resist with my vote and my voice any policies or politicians that attack these values. As we have seen too often from this Administration, these attacks often harm the most vulnerable among us or serve to exploit divisions and prejudices in our society while distracting from corruption or the lack of any real progress for the basic needs and aspirations of working and middle-class people. I will also be unafraid to work across political divisions with all who, despite differences or partisan labels, will fight for those values and will come together to make progress for economic opportunity and social justice for Americans at home, and for global justice abroad. I’m honored that Common Defense is supporting me in answering this call to service and leadership."

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