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Chandler Leads In MA-3 According To Ranked Choice Voting Poll

May 11, 2018 05:20AM ● By Theresa Gilman

Alexandra Chandler

(Editor's Note: the following information was provided by the office of Alexandra Chandler.)

Haverhill, MA- Alexandra Chandler welcomed the news that she was the winner of the Ranked Choice Voting poll conducted after the first congressional debate in MA-3:

"I am honored to have won this poll, I am humbled by the confidence of many that I should be the next Congresswoman from Massachusetts' 3rd District, and excited by the momentum that it shows for my campaign following the University of Massachusetts Lowell 3rd District Candidate Debate. The more voters hear our campaign's message of ‘Big Ideas, not Big Money’, in debates, candidate forums, and one on one conversations with me, the more they like what they hear,” Chandler said.

She went on to say that, “Although I recognize that the 2018 election will not be decided by Ranked Choice Voting, this poll nevertheless reflects the depth and breadth of support I have to be the next Congresswoman for Massachusetts' Third Congressional District. The poll also illustrates our clear path to victory in the primary and general election, considering the opportunity we have to bring in more support from those currently supporting other campaigns. The poll also makes it very clear that real grassroots campaigning on specific solutions for the hopes and dreams of the working and middle class that I know so well is a winning strategy, capable of defeating campaigns with fundraising advantages of 25:1. Finally this demonstrates that Massachusetts voters are ready to elect a progressive candidate who would also be the country’s first openly transgender Member of Congress.”

“Thank you so much to the Chandler campaign volunteers who have put in hundreds of hours of hard work to bring our campaign to this moment, and I’m excited by what we will achieve together in the months to come.”

Adam Friedman, Executive Director of Voter Choice Massachusetts, explains why this system is especially important in a race like MA-3. “After voters in Maine enacted ranked choice voting statewide in 2016, we're seeing strong support among Massachusetts voters for this common sense fix to end "lesser of two evils" voting. In our current "pick one" system, it is a puzzle to cast a vote that counts in a crowded field like CD3, and in the end, a candidate can win the race with only 40, 30, or even 20% support from the district! With ranked choice voting, each voter is free to rank their honest preferences in 1-2-3 order so their vote truly counts. If your favorite candidate can't win, your vote instantly transfers to a stronger backup choice, assuring that your vote never gets "thrown away". Ranked choice voting also assures that the winning candidate must earn over 50% majority support, so we know they're the best fit for the district as a whole.”

Alexandra Chandler looks forward to continuing to meet with 3rd Congressional District voters to talk about the issues that matter the most to them. She seeks to represent them in the seat currently held by departing Congresswoman Niki Tsongas. Chandler’s complete platform can be found at

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