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From The Desk Of The Parker Library Director: Staff Picks Now On Display

May 05, 2018 06:44AM ● By Theresa Gilman

Dracut Public Library

Nanci Hill, Director, Parker Memorial LIbrary

 You may have noticed a new display case near the elevator on the first floor.  This beauty was given to us by the Burlington Public Library and was picked up and delivered by  Ed Patenaude and his guys at the Dracut DPW.  We're thankful to them for helping us out.

This new  case will be used to display Staff Picks.  Patrons frequently ask us what we're reading and what we've enjoyed.  This is a way for us to offer you books that have become our favorites.  Each month, two staff members will highlight their favorite titles on this display case.  Each book will have a bookmark in it, indicating which staff member has designated it as a favorite.  For the month of April, the Staff Picks have been chosen by our Assistant Director, Diane Annunziato and me.

I have enjoyed revisiting some of my favorite titles while putting together this display. I thought that I would share a few of them with you here, in this column.  Make sure to visit the display so that you can see Diane's favorites as well.

  • Abraham, Pearl. The Romance Reader
    "In one of the most exciting debuts in years, Pearl Abraham--who grew up in a Hasidic community herself--presents the story of Rachel, a girl caught between the strictly controlled world of ultra Orthodox Judaism and the seductive yearnings of her own heart. Both a coming-of-age story and a brave, beautifully rendered expose of a hidden, insular world . . . heartrending." [From the Publisher]
  • Barker, Emily Croy.  The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic 
    "Only magic will set Nora Fischer free in an alternate fairy tale world that offers anything but 'happily ever after.' Illiterate women roam this world gone wrong, and men's spells hold the world in submission. When a mysterious magician teaches Nora the magic she needs to survive, a sudden doorway back to her world suddenly looks like one she may not want to go through." [From the Publisher]
  • King, Cassandra.The Same Sweet Girls "None of the Same Sweet Girls are really girls anymore and none of them have actually ever been that sweet.  But this Spirited group of Southern women, who have been holding biannual reunions ever since they were together in college, are nothing short of compelling." [From the Publisher]
  • Markovitz, Anouk. I Am Forbidden"A novel spanning four decades, from pre-World War II Transylvania to contemporary New York, looks at the cause and effect of both belief and non-belief within the Jewish religion, in a tale that focuses on the relationship of two sisters within a Hasidic sect." [From the Publisher]
  • Rice, Anne. The Witching Hour"Demonstrating, once again, her gift for spellbinding storytelling and the creation of legend, Anne Rice makes real for us a great dynasty of witches--a family given to poetry and to incest, to murder and to philosophy; a family that, over the ages, is itself haunted by a powerful, dangerous, and seductive being." [From the Publisher]
  • Samuel, Barbara. The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue
    "46-year-old Trudy tries to put her life back together with the help of her friends on Kitchen Avenue in Pueblo, Colo. Trudy wants to forget Rick, who cheated on her for months before she found a series of incriminating e-mails, but she still loves him desperately and can't give up hope that they might get back together. With plenty of free time on her hands-her three children are mostly grown and her job as a university secretary is undemanding-she finds herself wondering whether it's too late to travel to Spain and study poetry, things she planned to do before she married Rick and got pregnant." [Publisher's Weekly]
  • Tyler, Anne. Digging to America "Two families, who would otherwise never have come together, meet by chance at the Baltimore airport-the Donaldsons, a very American couple, and the Yazdans, Maryam's fully assimilated son and his attractive Iranian American wife. Each couple is awaiting the arrival of an adopted infant daughter from Korea. After the babies from distant Asia are delivered, Bitsy Donaldson impulsively invites the Yazdans to celebrate with an "arrival party," an event that is repeated every year as the two families become more deeply intertwined. Even independent-minded Maryam is drawn in. But only up to a point." [From the Publisher]
I hope that you enjoy the Staff Picks throughout the coming months.

As always, I am available to meet and talk with you.  This is your library and we want to hear what you think! 
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