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Quantum Exposed: Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior; 5

May 01, 2018 05:54PM ● By Corey Starliper
"There is never nothing going on." Dan Millman

Above, a quote by Dan MIllman that taught me that I was not the only person in the world.

Sometimes I need my ego deflated. Thus, I shall call myself on the carpet for a moment...I have somehow misplaced Wisdom Of The Peaceful Warrior. 

It has to be somewhere, but not being mindful was what led me to misplace it, and satori--awareness of the present moment--lies at the crux of the lessons with which MIllman presents us.

"There's never nothing going on." That one was powerful for me. In the film adaptation of the Book Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, Dan and Socrates are in a park and Socrates suggests that Dan look at everything going on around him.

"There's nothing going on," Dan replies.

Moments later, Dan catapulted into a state of hyper-awareness. He can hear a lady bug crawling up a blade of grass. He watches two people playing frisbee with their dog. He watches a couple making out, hears a man with a wedding band turning a page in the book he is reading.

When Dan returns to a state of normal awareness, Socrates calmly replies:

"There's never nothing going on."

Not a single moment afforded us arrives with absolutely nothing in it. Stop for a moment, look up from your phone or computer and listen to the sound of a clock ticking. Note the feel and sound of your breathing. Open a window, what's outside? What does it sound like? Do you see birds flying? Do you hear them calling? Are there cars driving by? What color are the cars? Is the driver a man or a woman? Do they appear upset? Happy?

All of these things can happen simultaneously. With our limited consciousness, without concentrating specifically on expanding our awareness, we find ourselves in a hole in time and space. Our laser focus on one moment at a time spent worrying about our future draws our awareness of the present moment to a fraction of what it could be if we force those doors open on a regular basis.

It is not easy, but this is the essence of satori, the awareness of the present moment to the extent that we can perceive it using the five senses to best of our ability.

Everything else distracts us!

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