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OP-ED: Does Your Wife Need Any Help Voting?

Mar 25, 2018 05:50AM ● By Brian Genest

Crooked Hillary Clinton resists reality and spews stupidity.

She can’t stop insulting Americans or wondering what happened in her epic loss to Donald Trump. She also can’t stop falling down! 

Hillary Clinton, the alleged great supporter of women, went nuclear and told a conference in India that the reason women didn’t vote for her for president was, of course, men. 

In her latest bunch of excuses, Hillary Clinton blamed her lack of votes from women on “a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”

Whatever. Hillary Clinton should be the last one to judge anyone, especially other women. Lest we forget what Michelle Obama said about Hillary Clinton and running her house. 

Speaking of which, do you tell your wife who to vote for? Or how to manage the household schedule, take care of the kids or handle her job? 

Unlike Hillary Clinton, millions of women in our country do just fine without the help of a staff of assistants, a driver or armed guards. And without pressure or permission – political or otherwise – from their husbands.

Know what Hillary Clinton needs help with? Standing up. All by herself. 

Keeping this woman vertical is a full-time job! She collapses and gets loaded into a van like a side of beef. She gets dragged up the stairs on the campaign trail. In India, when she wasn’t busy making her offensive remarks, she was falling down the stairs, twice.

There’s finally a law Hillary Clinton isn’t above: gravity.

BTW, what’s with Hillary Clinton’s coughing fits? Talk about a persistent hack

Anyway, Hillary Clinton is stumbling on the world stage, literally. Meanwhile, with President Trump, America is leading the world again.

Thankfully, the final curtain has dropped on Hillary Clinton’s political career. And it’s thanks to millions of women who decided not to vote for her. All by themselves.

Exit stage left.

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