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(UPDATED) WEATHER ALERT: Region Bracing For Heavy Snowfall

Mar 06, 2018 03:09PM ● By Bill Gilman
(Editor's Note: The following forecast was published by Nathan Coram on his Facebook page Dracut Weather.)


Good morning!

The high will be 35 degrees or so, at around midday. Tonight will get down to 30 degrees. Here are new details on our storm, which shifted a bit to the east overnight, requiring a snowfall total upgrade.

Snow begins mid-morning today, with a steady but probably not too heavy rate of snowfall by midday. The heavy snow starts at some point in the mid afternoon to early evening frame, with the height of the storm being this evening and first half of the overnight. Falling snow will also heavily impact the Thursday morning commute, but due to a nearby dry slot, things likely won't be as bad past 1 AM or so (but northeast MA, including Dracut, is favored for the possibility of additional moderate heavy precipitation as the storm begins to wrap around the area while moving north, in addition to being less prone to the dry slot than southeastern MA). Snow will be tapering off by mid-morning Thursday and be completely done by around noontime on Thursday (note that a very brief mix with rain is possible right around midday Thursday if precipitation is still falling.)

Uncertainty / Precip Type:
All snow is likely, with a low possibility of a brief mix with rain midday Thursday as the final precipitation exits the region. Regardless, the location of the primary rain/snow line will determine just how heavy and wet our snowfall is. The snow will be heavy and wet regardless, but how far we are from the line will determine just how heavy and wet the snow is. However, the east shift in guidance has thus meant a slightly east-shifted rain/snow line, thus requiring a slight increase in snowfall amounts for most areas.

Other Hazards:
Northeast winds to 15 mph with gusts up to 35-40 mph will be possible. This will result in reduced visibility and the potential for blowing and drifting snow. This, combined with the weight of this heavy wet snow and weakened tree limbs from our last storm, will result in a risk of power outages. Make sure your electronics are charged!

Snowfall Totals:
Dracut is now in a 12-16" zone for snowfall.

Elaborating on the precipitation type discussion from earlier in the post, I expect all snow in the red zones (12-16"+ and 16-20"), mostly to perhaps entirely snow in the light pink zone (8-12"), a mix of rain/snow (to varying degrees) in the dark pink and dark blue zones (3-5" and 5-8"), and mostly rain in the light blue zones (0-1" and 1-3").

I might do a full update package around midday or early afternoon, depending on how the forecast is unfolding. Have a great day! 

Al Fresca


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