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Election 2018: Is The Dracut Ballot Already Set? Could be

Mar 03, 2018 05:48AM ● By Bill Gilman
There is still more than two weeks for candidates to take out nomination papers and get their names on the May 3 ballot. However, the nomination process has slowed to a crawl ... and a slow crawl at that.
No new candidates have pulled papers in the last two weeks, leading to speculation that the ballot might already be set.
So far, there is a two-way race for one seat on the Board of Selectmen, a three-way race for two seats on the School Committee and a two-way race for one seat on the Housing Authority.
The remaining races are uncontested at the moment.

Nomination status, through March 2:

                                                                            Has taken out papers      Papers Certified

Board of Selectmen (1 Seats/ 3 Year Term) 

I - Joe DiRocco Jr.                                                          YES                                     YES

Philippe Thibault                                                             YES                                     NO

School Committee (2 Seats/ 3-Year Term)  

I - Daniel O'Connell                                                          YES                                     NO

I - Joseph Wilkie                                                               YES                                    NO

Susan Koufogazos                                                            YES                                  YES

Dracut Housing Authority (1 Seat/ 5-Year Term) 

I - George Nangell                                                             YES                                    YES

Frederick Spicer                                                                 YES                                   NO

Trustee of Public Library  (2 Seats/ 3-Year Term) 

Gretchen Mayall                                                               YES                                    NO

James W. Nolan                                                                YES                                   NO

Dracut Water Supply District

Commissioner (1 Seats/ 3-Year Term) 

I - William "Zee" Zielinski                                                    YES                                  YES

Monderator (1 Seat/ 3-Year Term) 

Peter Natsios                                                                      YES                                  NO

The last day for candidates to file their nomination papers is Monday, March 19  before 5 p.m., at the Town Clerk’s Office. Candidates must have the signatures of 50 registered Dracut voters. 

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