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MA-3 Candidate Alexandra Chandler Signs Contract To Legislate Against Big Money Politics

Feb 15, 2018 06:48AM ● By Theresa Gilman

Alexandra Chandler

(Editor's Note: the following information was provided by the office of Alexandra Chandler.)

Haverhill, MA- Alexandra Chandler announced today that she has signed on to a nonpartisan movement to put the interests of working and middle-class families ahead of big money politics, wealthy donors and political operatives, even challenging other candidates in the MA-3 Congressional race to join her in signing the pledge.

“I’m not a political operative, and I don’t owe any favors to any special interests. I signed and if elected I will actually follow through to break the big-money lock on our democracy so we can put ordinary people first again. I call on all the candidates to represent Massachusetts’ 3rd Congressional District to join me in this contract to put our fellow citizens and neighbors first. Ultra-wealthy donors and corporate interests buy our elections. They buy privileged access to our government. Candidates and Members of Congress spend five or more hours on the phone talking to donors every day when they should be working for their ordinary constituents and getting things done. Let’s stop this, now.”

By signing on to the Candidate with a Contract movement, a congressional candidate commits, if elected, to draft or support specific legislation which will return political power to ordinary people. Through the Contract, Chandler has committed to overturn Citizens United, promote the public financing of elections, and to end partisan gerrymandering, among other measures.

Chandler, a former intelligence analyst and leader in the Office of Naval Intelligence and a transgender working mother with a progressive agenda, will formally be added to the list of 61 other U.S. House and Senate candidates from different political parties with this common goal.

“I signed the Contract because Citizens United money-driven politics and gerrymandering are the main reasons why most members of Congress only get things done for ultra-wealthy donors- like the Tax Scam. They can’t and won’t support ordinary people with kitchen table issues that I know as a middle-class mom: the need for higher pay, lower health care and child care costs, addressing student loan debt and gun safety just to name a few,” Chandler says.

Alexandra Chandler has been crisscrossing the Third Congressional District of Massachusetts, listening to voters and sharing her plans to address underemployment and to bring better jobs to the area, getting every American access to lower cost high quality healthcare with Medicare For All, and to take on the opioid epidemic as a public health emergency. Her comprehensive 13-point progressive platform providing details on these issues and others is on her website at More information about the Contract can be found  

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