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Meet the Parker Library Trustees: Dr. Linda Trouville

Feb 10, 2018 05:33AM ● By Theresa Gilman

Parker Library

Dr. Linda Trouville, currently the Vice-Chair of the Trustees, was born and bred in Dracut.  Having been educated in the Dracut School System, Linda has developed a strong relationship with the M.G. Parker Memorial Library beginning in her elementary school years where the library was housed in a closet on the west side of town at the Collinsville School, to her relationship as a teacher, Director, and administrator in the Dracut School System, to a Trustee relationship working to keep the library moving forward, and being the "Gem" of the community where families can visit to obtain information and knowledge to better themselves.

Linda has utilized the town library for close to 70 years, and has gained a firm knowledge base because of this relationship.  She enjoys informing the community of the many activities hosted by the library, and encouraging students to spend more time investigating the library and what it has to offer them.

Today, Linda, still an avid reader, uses the resources offered by this beautiful library, appreciates the good information given to her from an outstanding Director and staff, and relaxes in an environment that provides peace and tranquility.  You may find Linda, on any given evening, sitting in the original historic library room, reading in the quiet, and pondering her many happy memories in this section of the library.
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