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Op-Ed: The Pathetic State Of The Democrat Resistance

Feb 05, 2018 09:11AM ● By Brian Genest

Democrats have bad instincts and worse judgment. 

Both were on full display at President Trump’s state of the union address

Exhibit A: Rolling out snot-nosed trust funder Joe Kennedy III to give America a resistance lecture. Little Joe needed a pacifier and a tissue before it was over.

Remember that “legendary” Kennedy charm and good looks? Joe got neither.

The Democrats thought Joe Kennedy was ready for his close-up, but it turns out he has more of a radio face. And he had something on his face. 

“Ask not what your country can drool for you, ask what you can drool for your country!” 

Joe Kennedy isn’t just hard on the eyes. He’ll also make your ears bleed from whiny resistance rhetoric. Joe Kennedy may be the new poster child for TURD – Trump Unacceptance and Resistance Disorder. 

On the bright side, while his bulb appears dim, at least Joe’s razor-thin resume lacks the typical Kennedy-family scandalcourt proceeding or autopsy.

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Of course, without the Kennedy name, Joe would probably be handing out pool towels at a country club on Cape Cod. Instead, he’s spewing out crap from his holier-than-thou perch in Washington, DC on behalf of his party. 

Speaking of the party, the shabby, sophomoric behavior of Democrats was on full display at the #SOTU.

Democrats refused to clap for tax reform, the stock market and just about everything else. Members of the Black Caucus sat on their hands, too. Not even the offer of a deal for the so-called “dreamers” could take that sucking-on-a-lemon look off Nancy Pelosi’s puss. 

The Democrats resist, even when it’s ridiculous: Nancy Pelosi calls $1,000 bonuses for working people crumbsso does Chuck Schumer!

Meanwhile, back here on Earth, more than 41 million Americans watched the speech and loved it. 75% approved and 65% said the speech made them feel proud! 35% said it made them feel safer. Only 14%, including Joe Kennedy, said the speech made them feel afraid.

Joe Kennedy, like his Democrat colleagues, is in the minority and in the dark. Have the nanny wipe his chin and get him a night light. And make it bright.

(Brian Genest is a member of the Dracut Republican Town Committee)

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