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Poitras, Chapman Win 2017 Dracut Turkey Trot Road Race

Nov 25, 2017 03:05PM ● By Bill Gilman


And Thanks To All Who Donated To Our Raffle!
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Results from the 2017 Dracut Turkey Trot 5K Road Race
sponsored by the Dracut High All-Sports Boosters

358Tim Poitras16:39.2
392Matt Cahill17:19.9
380Jack Benoit19:24.3
262Lucas St. Louis19:52.8
263Andrew Lavender19:53.0
258Nicolet Chapman20:33.1
273Bendan Dix20:34.4
278Walter Soriano20:36.8
356Kyle Supernor21:06.0
379Shannon Mitton21:16.7
357Emma Doherty21:32.4
374Elizabeth Gacek22:00.1
375Dan Gacek22:00.4
302Lily Angluin22:02.9
367Max Gregoire23:35.9
288Alexandra Piatelli23:40.5
366Dan Maille23:45.9
271Aimee Lakmany24:06.2
274John Lipome24:31.2
354Troy Collinge24:38.4
388Shana Hall24:47.4
365Joe Wilcone25:18.5
383Hether Niles25:29.4
403Jaclyn Walsh25:55.5
410Thomas Siebert25:55.8
382Carolyn Atchue26:03.7
361Samantha Cardillo26:03.9
280Danny Nguyen26:21.9
255Tim Chase26:33.8
413Lucas Spicer26:34.1
277Christian Soriano27:08.6
284Colleen Casper27:18.0
416Lauren Akashian28:14.5
301Lori Miamis28:25.4
299Leah Vinal28:25.6
385Mackenzie Balous28:32.9
398Brooke Boermeester28:33.1
377Emma Moynihan28:33.3
283Dennis Brouillette28:34.5
420Russ Lennard29:24.1
363Melissa Nawn29:32.5
300David Short29:36.6
387Bill Greenwood29:41.6
276Meg Soriano29:42.6
275Nicole Brunelle29:44.8
400Joseph Volk29:55.5
292Kim Lessard30:19.2
269Rebecca Houde30:28.8
###Livia St. Louis30:28.2
406Jessica Davidson30:40.8
407Kayla Davidson30:42.4
378Jacob Flaherty30:45.7
378Jacob Flaherty30:47.6
296Doug Kinnal30:47.9
264Dennis Lavender30:48.5
402Mary Norman31:00.0
286James Platteel31:06.5
290Michael Schiavi31:20.7
280Danny Nguyen31:20.9
267Brigitte Beauchense32:04.4
408Jennifer Cook32:10.7
266Taylor Barbini33:14.1
399Michelle Boermeester33:15.1
265Ryan Barbini33:58.0
287Paula Peters34:03.7
294Allison Volpe34:08.9
293Brad Volpe34:17.2
386Kathleen Balous34:47.3
376Jennifer Moynihan35:09.3
409Shane Cook35:09.6
396Lauren Metzler35:12.0
417Ned Akashian35:34.2
359Ann Marie DuRoss35:35.0
418Madeline Akashian35:42.3
415Brian Akashian36:00.7
393Debra Shore36:15.0
285Stephanie Avtgis36:15.3
no bibBib not visible36:28.8
355Jenna Collinge36:29.0
404TJ O'Donnell36:57.7
405Mollie O'Donnell37:08.8
401Alexa Chausse37:09.0
419Nancy MacDonald37:09.2
Spiro Anthony-Stathas37:11.8
364Nikki Vergakes37:49.1
373Mike Moynihan38:04.0
360Drew DuRoss38:48.5
372Michael Platteel40:40.4
371Brittany Pond40:44.3
412Jillian Spicer40:45.0
256Andrea Chase40:45.3
391Gracie Hall41:34.9
389Ava Hall41:38.6
390Ava Hall42:29.3
281Tricia Vinal42:29.3
282Dan Vinal42:29.3
268Cliff Houde42:29.3
395Anthony Metzler42:29.3
289Michelle Piatelli42:29.3
297Susan Rawding42:29.3
298Nocholas Rowding42:29.3
411Bryan Spicer42:29.3
414Nick Spicer42:29.3
384Jim Sommer42:29.3
257Calvin Chase42:29.3DNF

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