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OP-ED: Thankful For Everything, Except Democratic Turkeys

Nov 23, 2017 01:40AM ● By Brian Genest

In the holiday spirit, I’d like to apologize to the citizens of Dracut – for State Rep. Colleen Garry. I’m truly sorry about the silly bills she keeps filing and all the negative press she keeps getting for our town.

Ever since the Dracut Republican Town Committee started pointing out Colleen Garry has been in office for more than 20 years and has no signature legislation to her credit, she’s been running around Beacon Hill like a turkey with her head cut off.

As a career politician who’s been at the State House for more than two decades, Colleen Garry has a plan to avoid the slaughterhouse: Keep throwing spitballs at the wall and hope something eventually sticks. Thankfully, for all of us, nothing has yet… 

Colleen Garry spent the fall trying to fatten up her skeleton accomplishments. After all, we’re only a year away from the next turkey shoot, the 2018 election. And nothing ruffles the feathers of a free-range bird more than the prospect of a barnyard challenger.

So Colleen Garry put her best left foot forward – and shot herself in it. Over the First Amendment.  At town meeting. With music lovers. You know what they say about laws and sausages. 

Why did the turkey cross the road? To get away from Colleen Garry’s bad ideas!

If you do cross the street, Colleen Garry will be watching – and she wants your money. Her latest idea is heavy fines for jaywalking. If you’re listening to 1984 on audio book with headphones or texting your boss at the same time, the fine is doubled – up to $200. That’s called government of the people, for the people, by the turkeys. 

Talk about priorities. Meanwhile, our town sure could use more local aid dollars for schools, public safety and other critical needs. Common sense isn’t very common, especially in the legislature.

Doesn’t the state already have enough laws and fines on the books that aren’t enforced, like texting while driving? Not for Colleen Garry!

Colleen Garry is filing bills, alerting the media and putting Dracut on a platter for everyone to see. And what they’re seeing is her silliness.

By the way, this is a re-run: Colleen Garry filed similar legislation in 2015. It went nowhere then, apparently. But, you never know unless you test the waters, so dust it off and roll it out for a second performance… 

Speaking of performances, did you see Colleen Garry at town meeting? It was evening theater in Dracut this time, not the usual Boston matinee. 

Colleen Garry showed up to represent her townie pal on a zoning matter. The only problem, besides the submitted warrant article needing to be amended for accuracy, was the son of an octogenarian abutter who said it would have created a hardship for his mother. 

The town shouted down the article, but not before Colleen Garry came back to the microphone in what can best be described as The Worst Actress in a Municipal Performance. Colleen Garry doesn’t like it when she doesn’t get her way. 

If Colleen Garry does get her way, discussion and criticism of her will be shuttered. She wants to regulate, penalize and stop free speech.

In September, Colleen Garry filed a bill to shred the First Amendment, silence her political opponents and make sure no one hurts her feelings. And it backfired, big time.

Colleen Garry caused an outcry of opposition, with the Lowell SunMassachusetts Fiscal AllianceBoston Herald and Boston Globe all coming out against her unconstitutional and completely ridiculous bill.

Fellow Democrat turkey State Sen. Barbara L’Italien (D-Andover), who also represents Dracut, Tewksbury and Lawrence, should show Colleen Garry how to avoid getting her wings clipped. 

Barbara L’Italien has managed to fly well below the radar lately, all while running for Congress in a district she doesn’t live in and voting against weeding out fraud in the MassHealth system. And practically no one has even noticed, compared to when she didn’t pay her taxes.

Politics can be so negative and I don’t want to appear ungrateful. I thank God every day for the things we deplorables all truly appreciate:  family, friends, freedom, a good job and a roof over my head.

I’m also especially thankful for:

Fed up voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan

The beheading of the mainstream #FakeNews, thanks to @realDonaldTrump

My wife and the delicious apple pies she makes. (Pumpkin need not apply, ever!)

Coincidentally, I think Colleen Garry and pumpkin pie have a lot in common...  A few people like it, a lot can’t stand it and most would rather have something else. And everyone thinks it could be a little sweeter.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-- Brian Genest is a member of the Dracut Republican Town Committee.

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