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Wresting Color From the Canvas: House Rule #20

Sep 19, 2017 01:57PM ● By Corey Starliper

You may have noticed that my blog and my contributions to Your Tewksbury Today are not in sync. That’s because I only post new reads to my Google Plus and Facebook pages. Most times, that’s a House Rule. For a complete history of House Rule contributions, you can type my name into the search bar and it will bring up everything I’ve written for Your Tewksbury Today.

My blog tends to have a much different feel to it than my contributions here. That is because on my blog, I can express myself freely. Here, I need to omit profanity, double check my work and make sure everything is perfect before I submit it. Writing for a crowd of approximately 100 readers with different core beliefs, different struggles, different filters through which they view the world, comes with a sense of not only responsibility but the understanding that no two people will interpret what I have to say in exactly the same way.

So I’ll be very careful here…

We each have inner guidance.

Most of us are taught the general differences between right and wrong when we are children. As we continue to mature, we develop still deeper appreciation for more complicated issues in ethics, philosophy and religious affiliation--if any.

The following can be applied to both the human conscience, and our intuition:

Each of us have within us a beacon, a small, quiet voice that sounds when we veer of course. It feels like someone playing a deep cord that keeps ringing, ignorant to our justifications, until we acknowledge it’s objection and quiet it by returning to the path of acceptance and empathy.

For whatever it’s worth, optimism has a greater potential to influence change than nihilism.  


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