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Selectmen's Notebook: Delay In Stormwater Utility Rollout

Sep 19, 2017 05:10AM ● By Andrew Sylvia

Dracut Selectmen Allison Hughes, Tony Archinski and Tami Dristilaris

Highlights from the Sept. 12, 2017 Dracut Board of Selectmen’s meeting. A full video of the meeting is available on the Dracut TV Website.

Stormwater Delay

With changing regulatory winds in Washington, Town Manager Jim Duggan announced that rollout of the recently approved stormwater management utility will be delayed.

The utility, which was proposed due to EPA guidelines regarding stormwater management, was recently approved by Town Meeting voters.

Town residents will pay fees to the utility based on factors such as zoning and impervious surface area, with money from the utility going to help prevent and respond to flooding and other stormwater related incidents.

Duggan told the board that the unexpected delay will help provide more planning for the beginning of the program.

He added that rate payers can now expect their first payment to the utility sometime in July 2019.

Stop Signs

The Board of Selectmen approved several new stop signs, coming in two sets of approvals.

The first set of approvals included several stop signs on Groveland Street, including the interesections of East Salisbury Street, West Newbury Street, East Newbury Street, West Amesbury Street, East Amesbury Street and West Haverhill Street, with two additional signs nearby on Elsmere Terrace, which runs parallel to Groveland.

In the first set of stop signs, Police Chief Peter Bartlett indicated that stop signs coming into Groveland and Elsmere, but not four-way stop signs, would be the best route to reduce speeds in the area.

Bartlett then recommended a stop sign on Nature’s Way heading into Carol Street.

Hurricane Relief

The Selectmen heard efforts in town regarding relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Over the previous week, community resident Leo Vezina one full tractor trailer of relief items had already been sent to the region, with another just filled and on its way.

Duggan told the board that he was in awe of the efforts described by Vezina, with some residents

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