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Wresting Color From the Canvas: House Rule #19

Sep 15, 2017 03:51PM ● By Corey Starliper

  1. Earth is a school and daily life is our classroom

  2. Our teachers come in many forms

  3. We learn best through direct experience

  4. Failures are the stepping stones to success

  5. Lessons reappear until we learn them

  6. If we don’t learn the easy lessons, they get harder

  7. Consequences teach better than concepts

  8. Only action brings ideas to life

  9. We can control efforts, not outcomes

  10. Timing is everything

  11. What goes around comes around

  12. Little things can make a big difference

  13. Play to your strengths

  14. To transform your life, change your expectations

  15. Judge with compassion

  16. Simplicity has power

  17. Life develops what it demands

  18. Every choice leads to wisdom

  19. God help those who help themselves

The nineteenth House Rule is quoted as “God helps those who help themselves,” but I’m changing the wording because not all of my readers believe in God. In some cases you need to satisfy the minority in order to preserve the flock.

The Universe is nothing but an echo. I covered this in my blog, The Introvert Exposed: A Practical Approach to Spiritual Living. You may not always get exactly what you want, but you’ll come closer to hitting your target if you aim for it than if you don’t.

Does not an object at rest tend to stay at rest? Does not an object in motion tend to stay in motion?

Universal laws mirror physical laws. They are not as tangible or as verifiable as gravity but on some level, each of them resonates with those of us who look for their influence in our lives.

Those of us who do not seek the power and serenity that make up the spiritual current do not partake of them.

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