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READERS REACT: Should Student Cell Phones Be Banned At Middle And Elementary Schools?

Sep 01, 2017 11:25AM ● By Bill Gilman
The Lewiston, Maine Middle School is considering a ban on student cell phones on campus .
We asked readers of Your Dracut Today their thoughts on the move.
The results were mixed but very impassioned, with Dracut School Committee members among those who chimed in on the issue.

Would you want to see cell phones banned in Dracut Middle and elementary schools ?

Dennis Keefe their (banned) from my work so yaaaaa
Jo-Ann MacNeill yes no phones in school until after school
Patty Adie NO
Nicole Wallace Largy No
Lisa Mcdonough Didn't have phones when I went to school and it was fine then. Kids don't need cell phones while learning. Parents need them, than the parents can call the school
Tanya Ritchey Lambert Kids shouldn't have phones in those grades. Period. They are KIDS.
Joan Powers During regular school hours they should definitely not be allowed.
(School committee member) Sabrina Heisey No I wouldn't want to see a ban. Kids have phones for various reasons. They should be off in class though.
Donald Vallois Phones should be banned from all schools!
Emily Mattox No, they shouldn't be banned on campus. Just keep rules regarding use.
(School Committee member) Allison Volpe In my opinion. Banning them would likely never happen. Too hard to manage and enforce. However I would strongly encourage parents to seriously weigh the risks/benefits of having them. Parents also need to take the reigns when it comes to proper use and social media.
Amy Marie Melendez Yes Elementary kids in middle schoolers do not need phones!!! I survived with out phones in school our kids can too, tell me why do they even need them when there is a phone at school!!! How about when you Childs in the dressing room and somebody takes their phone and snaps a picture? Want to help eliminate cyber bullying get rid of cell phones in school
Russ Taylor With the threat of terrorism what it is , I want my grandchildren to have that tool in hand if something happens. I don't want them playing with it. I want them to have it for emergencies during school.
Joy Dunlavey Sitnik I do not believe they should be banned. Turned off in class or left in a basket is fine. (I really like that attendance board) I'm going to date myself here, but when I was a teen we had pagers that we set to vibrate or silent. They were not allowed either and God help us if it went off during class. I want my child to be able to communicate with me and vice versa. That being said my kids also won't have a phone till 8th grade. I have to agree that with horrible events that have occurred in schools/ around the world I want that ability to hear from my children instantly.
Jan Powers Kids should be taught the proper use of tools (no phones on during class). And the consequence of improper use (first offense - no phone for x days). It can be a great teaching moment in self control and maturity.
Daniel Purtell Yes
Stephanie Murray More parents work out of the home these days, and many children also do after school activities, so I think it's fine for a child to have a phone for emergencies. I like the collection at the beginning of class and get it back at the end.
Sharon Sperounis My son is in middle school. They are not allowed to use them during school hours. Its kept in his locker all day so I don't think a ban is necessary. It's come in handy when he has had to call home after school to let me know if he's staying for extra help or missed the bus and needs a ride.
Katie Powell Bourdeau Phones can be a very useful tool for students in the classroom, especially if their are limited resources. Our 7th and 8th graders have to put their phones in a bin at the start of the day and as they travel the bin travels. Seems to work
Christopher Fiorentino Don't ever ban the phone use proper disapline if caught using it when not supposed to they are really am asset to parent student communication in today's world. Schools have to make rules "smarter" not harder.
Kieshia Mattox They should not be banned. With the area we live in, the school district does not provide bus service, so my son has to walk over a half mile to & from school alone. If there is an issue, he must have a way to contact us. Also, if the child is in an after school activity, then they should have a way to contact their parents.
Angel Bacigalupo I've seen versions of this for attendance. I think it's brilliant:


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