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Columnist: Why My Readership is Suddenly Going Up

Jul 05, 2017 10:10AM ● By Corey Starliper
When I give someone a business card now I don't do it with the hope that they will look at my blog. Instead, I ask that they keep the card for themselves, or that they give it to someone who needs it. That way the Universe determines where the card goes, not me, and that falls perfectly in line with what this blog is all about...using the karmic armies to generate productivity at a lower cost.

I've been meeting a lot of resistance lately trying to do things my own way and I have once again been beaten into submission. I am not the Eternal Judge. It is not for me, in my finite existence, to say that something does not work when so many others are of the assumption that it does.

I relate this to skidding out on the snow in a car. The more desperately we turn the wheel against the skid, the harder and wider the rear end of the car swings. The harder we press on the brakes to stop, the more traction we lose. If we take our foot off the brake, turn gently into the skid and wait for the car to correct itself, we can usually regain enough control of the car to make the necessary adjustments in time to avoid collision, maybe even to pull over and catch a few breaths before merging carefully back onto the road.
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