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Why We Meet Resistance: The Hurricane

Jul 01, 2017 01:30PM ● By Corey Starliper
When I woke up this morning I had a brief conversation with someone who was having a difficult time processing some things in her life. How amazing that we can see solutions in another's display of confusion when for the life of us we cannot see past our own! 

I found myself telling her something that the Universe has been trying to hammer into me for several weeks, something I refused to see simply because it did not fit the perfect mold I had decided would solve all of my problems.

When we meet resistance, it is usually because we are trying to reinvent the wheel. We get frustrated with deep breathing exercises because our our body's natural rhythm rebels against the idea of being controlled. We let laundry pile up in our rooms and weigh on our minds and our souls. Procrastination is corrosive to our sanity, yet we continue to avoid doing things because we feel it's easier to put them off and deal with it when we 'feel like' doing them.

Instincts are all the justification that animals need to do something. The only difference between intuition and instinct is...well, nothing. We feel the prick in our side when we avoid doing something in a certain way because we feel there's an easier way to do it. It's almost silent, but it's there. 

I communicated this to someone else this morning using a hurricane as a metaphor. The strongest winds in a hurricane are on the outer edges. We get battered by resistance when we try to skirt responsibility by finding another way around it.

Conversely, the closer you get to the center of a hurricane, the eye, the calmer it gets. Stay close to the eye of the storm in your life by listening to that prick in your side. Let it guide you. If you feel it, listen closely to where it's coming from and make the necessary adjustments.

There is no need to reinvent the works fine!  
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