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Final Results of the Bubble Experiment

Jun 15, 2017 08:55AM ● By Corey Starliper
I waited a few days before following through with Part 2 of the Bubble Experiment and eventually conceded that with all the obstacles placed between the idea of the thing and it's realization, I really only ever needed to set myself up for disappointment once.

Not knowing when to let go of something is one of the chief drains on our energy fields. We exert so much energy trying to cut corners that in most cases it's much easier to take them than trying to get out of taking them.

I spent a great deal of time holding out for a specific result and waiting for a specific set of circumstances to come about which would support those results. They never came. Resultantly, zero percent of the energy that I exerted worrying about them yielded a return on it's investment.

I might have assigned that energy to something else with more success, like compulsion resistance training or meditation or planning a week's worth of activities with Olivia (I've been in possession of three large bottles of bubbles that I could have been using with her and haven't been).

This is not to say that the experiment itself was a waste of my time--I had a lot of fun with it!--but I think it would have meant a lot more to me if I had taken it to the bank after the first day. 
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