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Farm Fresh Food Right Around The Corner In Dracut

Jun 05, 2017 06:45AM ● By Juli Couture

It Is not hard to see that people have turned their sights onto eating healthier and cleaner. The sheer number of Whole Foods Markets and organic sections popping up in the last five years are proof of that. It is unfortunate, however, that so many of us choose to believe in the stickers placed on our food, without actually knowing where it is coming from, when it was grown, how many hands it had passed through or how it was handled in transit. In turn, we sacrifice the delicious flavor of freshly grown and harvested food for the sake of our ‘convenience.’ This is especially true when you are lucky enough to live in Dracut, a community well-known in its support and preservation of its vast and varied farmlands. Imagine bringing your family to the neighborhood farm, seeing where your food is grown, and meeting the farmers who lovingly grow it. Living in Dracut gives us the wonderful opportunity to put fresh, delicious food on our tables, and at the same time, put a meal on the farmers’ tables. 

Dracut is chock-full of family farms offering CSA or farm-sharing programs, farm stands and seasonal ‘pick your own’ events featuring a stunning variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. You can even get seedlings and plants from these farms, should you choose to start your own backyard produce section. Many farms also offer their own fresh dairy, grass-fed no-hormone meats, poultry and cage-free eggs as well as local honey. There is very little you can’t find in our local farms. 

Some of Dracut’s favorite farms offer what is called CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or Farm Sharing programs. These programs allow you to receive a share of the farmer’s harvests, typically from June to October. Farms such as White Rabbit Farm and Farmer Dave’s have a few options on the sizes and varieties of the boxed shares you can receive, such as half-season shares or varieties in share size. These shares are typically harvested, boxed and either dropped off to your home (typically for a higher fee) or brought to a local pick-up location on set dates. Before choosing, you should call and make an appointment to speak to a friendly member of the farm staff to figure out which program works best for you. Bear in mind that the share you receive will be based on what is ripe and ready at that time. Weather conditions, disease, wildlife and other elements beyond the control of the farmers could affect the crop’s harvest and what is available each season. If you and your family are more conventional in your choice of produce, you may forgo the share route and simply shop in their farm stands, like Brox Farm, which offer more variety for a longer stretch of time. Another option available is Saja Countryside Farm, which will take your order of available fruits and vegetables and pack them up for your easy pick up on their farm. If you decide to join a CSA, call and meet with the famers first to discuss and decide which route is best for you, but do so soon, as the CSAs spots tend to fill up fast, typically before the end of the spring.

Other local farms offer dairy, meat, poultry and eggs. Shaw Farm is primarily a dairy farm whose farm stand is more like a mini supermarket, offering produce, baked goods, local meats and just about everything else you can think of. They offer a grocery delivery program as well as fresh milk brought to you in reusable glass bottles in a variety of flavors. You can also enjoy delicious homemade ice cream at their attached shop and entertain the kids by introducing them to their friendly young cows and goats around the back. Dunlap Farm and Coreypride Farm concentrate on giving you the freshest, grass-fed, hormone-free beef and meats. Dunlap Farm raises their very own Angus cattle, which they also sell to other farms starting up their own herds across New England. Dunlap also offers poultry, a limited supply of silver maple syrup, hay and truly free-range eggs. Coreypride Farm offers their own beef, eggs and poultry, including farm-fresh turkeys that sell out quickly during Thanksgiving. When you visit Coreypride, you will be welcomed by the chorus of curious chickens who will run down to serenade and greet you!  

Should you decide to support your local community farmers, and treat your family to the freshest, home-grown food, I recommend taking a Saturday drive and checking out the farm stands in the area, and if you wish to take a trip to visit the farms themselves, be sure to call ahead to make sure someone is available to meet with you. 

We are truly lucky to live in this community that has so many wonderful farms to choose from. It’s time we stop trusting those over-priced, so-called organics we buy in the big-name stores and start feeding our families with the food that has been lovingly cultivated by our friends and neighbors. As we do so, we can also feed our hearts in the knowledge that we are supporting the hard working farmers and their families and strengthening the economy of this great town we live in.  freshest, home-grown food, I recommend taking a Saturday drive and checking out the farm stands in the area, and if you wish to take a trip to visit the farms themselves, be sure to call ahead to make sure someone is available to greet you.

Coreypride Farm – Jones Ave. (978)375-2020 [email protected]
Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 9am-3pm. Weekday availability by appointment only.
Family-owned and operated farm raising grass-fed, no steroid/hormone beef raised in a happy, healthy and humane environment. Also, free-ranging, non-medicated chickens for eggs available all year. Families and children always welcome to visit the animals -- but please call ahead for availability.

White Rabbit Farm – Smith Farm Way
(617)956-2846 - Renee Toll-DuBois
Hours: M-F 9-3 Visits by appointment only
Season: Late June through late October
Woman-owned and operated, half-acre CSA farm offering chemical-free offering vegetables and herbs

Farmer Dave’s via Brox Farm - 1276 Broadway Road (Rt. 113)
[email protected] -
Farmstand Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-6pm – Sat-Sun 10am-5pm
Farmstand /CSA offering seasonal selections of their own produce and produce from other area farms, annuals and vegetable seedlings, herbs, flowers, local honey, syrup, and other groceries including frozen meats and pies and New Hampshire-made coffee.
Farmer Dave’s Farm – 437 Parker Road – 978-349-1952

Shaw Farm - 204 New Boston Road
[email protected]
150 acre, family-owned and 6th generation operated, dairy farm established in 1908
Farm-fresh dairy (even available in glass, reusable bottles in a variety of flavors), grocery, local meats, offering home delivery service and ice cream stand. Cows and goats for kids to see behind ice cream stand.  


Dunlap Farm - 430 Marsh Hill Rd
(978)453-9982 – Visits by appointment
Family-owned historic farm and farmland
that sells hay, asparagus, garlic, free-range eggs, grass-fed lowline Angus beef and maple syrup.



Saja Farm - 403 Parker Road
(978) 454-7252 - [email protected]
Spring Hours: Sat/Sun 9am-5pm
Family-owned and operated farm since 1915 – offering fresh fruits, vegetables, honey, syrup and herbs as well flowers, potted plants and seasonal decorations. Call and they will package your order for your convenient pick-up.

Frobie’s Café – 101 Broadway Road
Frobie’s offers annual spring and fall farm and art events where you can see, sample and buy all kinds of goodies from your fellow Dracut-tites! Keep an eye on their facebook page to see when these events pop up. 

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