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"Are You a Psychic?"

May 31, 2017 04:10PM ● By Corey Starliper
This was a question posed to me by someone to whom I had given a business card at the grocery store this morning.

In answer to your question, yes, but only in the sense that I have, let's say...a closer relationship than most to the energetic channels to which everyone has access on a regular basis. The mere thought that intention can create reality, which it most certainly can, arouses within us something other worldly.

Or does it?

The concept of having powers that lie outside the realm of physical reality is one with which we are not entirely unfamiliar. As babies, we relied solely upon instinct until our brains were developed enough to begin adopting the physical and social constructs of the world around us. It was during this time that we often confused reality with dream.

As a toddler, I remember laying in my crib, becoming extremely dizzy and falling up into the corner of my room, where I would search for myself in the dark.

I don't remember seeing the green rope connecting my soul to my body as many people claim to see while astral projecting, but I remember feeling safe. Even though I didn't know what 'reality' meant at the time, seeing myself always made me feel better because it meant I was still tethered to it in some capacity.

This happened more than a few times and hasn't happened since. I cannot say for sure what those moments were manifestations of. I truly belive that if we look back to when we were children, though, we will find that we shared a much deeper relationship with the earth, and with the Universe as a whole, than we do now, clouded by distraction like sex, fear of death, and the presence of evil.

Most people need to put forth an exceptional amount of effort in order to partake of even the shadow of this type of this relationship with the world around us. To me, accessing that shadow comes naturally.

It didn't always. There was a period of passively suicidal apathy toward life preceding my introduction to more earth based ways of living and viewing the world. When I finally took the leap and started looking rather than seeing, the result was being able to view these two states of being as separate, and learning to incorporate elements of the spirit world into my walking life, bringing the two together like two sides of a zipper.

My goal is to eventually achieve a perfect balance, and to achieve mastery over my physical body and spirit wings in order to advance to the next level of spiritual growth. Hence the title: A Practical Approach to Spiritual Living, the union of two entirely different dimensions, and the ability to live in both.
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