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Sen. L'Italien Provides Live Twitter Updates Of Senate Budget Debate

May 24, 2017 05:23AM ● By Bill Gilman
It's often been said that the political process is very similar to the making of sausage.
A little of this and a little of that added to a little bit of something you cannot quite identify. And you REALLY don't want to watch it being made.
But this week, state Sen. Barbara L'Italien drew back the curtain and used social media to show her constituents some of the process involved with passing the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget.
L'Italen live tweeted Tuesday from the floor of the State Senate chambers and provided continual updates as sections of the budget and hundreds of amendments were discussed, debated the voted on.
Below you will find a number of the senator's tweets, providing you with just a taste of what qwas transpiring on Tuesday. Her tweets can be found, in their entirety, on her Twitter account @teamBarbara.

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