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Dracut High To Unveil New Sports Hall Of Fame

Feb 16, 2017 04:48PM ● By Andrew Sylvia

Dracut High School’s Athletic Hall of Fame is about to see its first inductees in 13 years and the high school itself is about to officially christen a new place to honor the hall’s members in a hallway near the school’s gymnasium.

On Friday night, six new members will join a list of former inductees that were haphazardly honored over the years prior to the high school’s renovations.

Those former inductees will also be honored with new standardized plaques, with one plaque dedicated to coaches and athletic directors, one plaque to distinguished teams and one plaque to distinguished service recipients, team trainers and physicians.

Former players will also be re-honored on new plaques based on year of graduation from the first inductees in Class of 1937 up until the most recent set of inductees prior to this year, which came from the Class of 1997.

Although many of the induction years of former inductees have been lost to time, the inductees of 2017 will receive their own plaque, with Dracut High School athletic director Paula Chause saying that there is enough room for approximately 30 more years of inductee groups in the new designated area, which took its design from various other high school sporting halls of fame in nearby towns.

“It has a very classic and clean look about it that makes it memorable and makes you proud to be near it,” said Chausse. “I’ve seen student-athletes looking at it and it’s my hope they aspire to one day be on that wall.”

This year’s inductees include Joseph Hazarro (’99, volleyball, basketball and soccer), Robert Rudolph (wrestling coach), Sean Harrington (’91, wrestling), Jennifer Fontaine Elder (’02, basketball, soccer and shot put), Kristina Sheahan (’99, volleyball, basketball, softball), and Nicole Gavel (’02, basketball, volleyball and discus).

The hall will be unofficially unveiled at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, immediately before a girls’ varsity basketball game.

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