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Get Personalized Recommendations At The Library

Feb 13, 2017 04:05AM ● By Theresa Gilman

Parker Library

(Editor's Note: the following information was submitted by the Dracut Library.)

From the Desk of the Director:
Experience and research tell us that when a reader comes to the library, they have three things in their mind; the name of their favorite author, the question of whether or not their favorite author has a new book out; and, if they do, is it available to check-out. When the answer to either of those questions is no, the reader is stuck.  What should he or she read next?

Over the course of last year, via a grant, the staff of the Dracut Library were trained in Readers' advisory services.  Unlike most/librarian/reader transactons in the past, Readers' advisory services are reader-centered in that the readers' tastes, values, and desires determine which authors and titles are suggested. In order to get at that information,
the librarian must have a conversation with the reader.  Since most people are pressed for time these days, we have designed an online reader survey in order to deduce what kind of books you might like.   

Everyone that fills out an online reader survey will receive five (5) title recommendations, based on the preferences that you listed in your survey.  Readers will receive their recommendations, either via email or in person at the library, within ten (10) business days. 

Currently, there are four members of the staff that answer online reader surveys, with more being trained each month. We identify ourselves when we respond to you. It is our hope to start a relationship with our readers where we will fine tune the recommendations that we make over time, establishing a relationship where you trust us and our recommendations.

Many readers (particularly fiction readers) are embarrassed by their reading preferences.  There is no need to be.  Your online profile will be used in the strictest of confidences, and we are not judging. To quote Betty Rosenberg, a prominent library science educator, "Never apologize for your reading tastes."

I encourage you to look for the "To Be Read" logo on our website, and to fill out a reader profile. Let's start talking about books!

As always, this is your library and we want to hear what your thoughts, so let us know.

Nanci Hill, Library Director
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