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Go Fund Me Page Set Up Local Family Beset By Medical Bills

Dec 20, 2016 06:51AM ● By Bill Gilman
Dan Brown and Kathleen Tebo, friends of Kathy Baker, have set up a Go Fund Me Page to help the family with medical bills related to a "brain bleed" she was diagnosed with earlier this year.
Here is the text from the page

A few weeks back Kathy Baker was diagnosed by doctors in Boston with a brain bleed.  She's had excruciating headaches and went to the ER. The medications that were previously prescribed to her have now become the cause of this situation. She could have had a massive stroke or an anuerysm, but luckily did not. The change to new meds will be rough as she needs to be weened of the old ones first. 
Kathy is self employed and has lost her income and nearly all her savings. 
Dave has spent his entire savings in the last couple of months starting a new business to help better themselves, prior to all of this. My two friends here need any help that can be provided. As of now they are getting medical bills for Christmas.   They have given help to anyone who needed it, at any time. They are very much in need now!!
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