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An Open Letter To My Teammates

Nov 27, 2016 02:13PM ● By Caitlyn Leary

I was fortunate enough to meet multiple amazing girls right off the bat that have become my best friends. Honestly, it feels as though I have known these girls for twenty years, not just one year. They have helped me grow and succeed throughout college so far. My teammates have always been honest with me and have and will always show love and respect for me every single day. So this letter is to you girls, I love you all, so much.

Going to my first day of preseason during my freshman year was very intimidating for me. I didn't know anyone really besides the girl that I had stayed with for my overnight visit, and I only really knew a little bit about her. I was scared. Scared that I would have a hard time making friends, scared that I wouldn't fit in, and most importantly scared that I wasn't going to be good enough to be on a college cross country team. Man was I wrong..about it all.

Teammates are more than just friends. They are the people who you can always rely on for a laugh, pep talk, and most importantly picking you up when you are down. They push you past your limits because not only do they want what is best for the team, they want what is best for you. They experience the same pain, nerves, exhaustion, pride, excitement, and the love for the sport that you do. Not only will they push you athletically, but they will push academically as well because being a student-athlete is first, and they want you to be the best student-athlete that you can be.

Whenever you are going through a tough time in your life, they will be by your side through every struggle you are going through. They will always pick you up when you are down because that is what family does for each other. This is what making being on a team so special.

All of this being said, I would like to thank every single one of my teammates who have shaped the runner and the person I am at this stage in my college career. You have all had such a big impact on my life, and I would never replace the memories I have made for anything.

Thank you for pushing me. Thank you for making me challenge myself. Thank you for wanting the best for me. Thank you for crying, laughing, smiling, screaming, and acting crazy with me.

Thank you for being my family.


Your Teammate

(Caitlyn Leary is a graduate of Tewksbury High and a sophomore at Franklin Pierce University. Her previous columns can be found here.)

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