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Results Of The Dracut All-Sports 5K Turkey Trot

Nov 27, 2016 01:37PM ● By Bill Gilman

Male winner Tim Poitras, DHS Class of 2014

Here is the complete list of finishers (and their times) of the 2016 Dracut All-Sports 5K Turkey Trot, held Thanksgiving morning.
Photos and video from the race can be found by clicking here.

2016 Turkey Trot Results
1169Tim Poitras17:33.9
2166Eric Allen19:48.4
3216Corey Seamans20:14.7
4164Lucas St. Louis20:16.2
5167Elizabeth Gacek21:06.2
6179Erin Williams21:26.0
7168Shannon Talbot21:38.6
8195Lucas Spicer21:42.7
9173Walter Soriano21:57.2
10214James Meli22:25.6
11162Lily Angluin22:49.7
12216Kelsey Seamans22:50.0
13237Benjamin Warner23:28.8
14232Leah Vinal23:45.9
15178Jennifer Mangano24:56.0
16184Troy Collinge25:20.3
17198Alex Piatelli25:31.7
18188Marc Salois25:33.7
19190Katherine Pyskaty25:54.9
20241Jason Simpson26:05.6
21187David Salois26:46.5
22211Colleen Casper26:55.5
23248Joe Wilkie27:07.9
24220Donna Nadolny27:24.1
25180Dean Turcotte27:30.3
26244Laurie Miamis27:37.1
27225Samantha Cardillo27:48.5
28226Amy  Cardillo27:48.7
29217Bill Greenwood28:02.1
30163Aimee Lyles28:16.4
31223Erin Quealy28:35.5
32236Joanne Warner28:39.4
33242Doug Kinnal28:41.4
34243Mariah Notini28:43.9
35245Tamara Mitton29:00.3
36231Aiden Saunders29:16.4
37189Aimee Saunders29:25.3
38208Mary Ogonowski29:44.7
39181Rhylee P30:16.4
40222Caoilinn Quealy30:37.5
41224Chelsey Quealy30:59.0
42201Victoria Pekarrski31:15.9
43202Karte Gosselin31:18.1
44200Ian Gosselin31:36.2
45218Nicole Bernier31:55.9
46219Lillian Bernier31:57.0
47177Samantha Havel32:19.7
48209Caroline Ogonowski32:30.3
49165Brian St. Louis32:33.3
50233Dave Short33:07.6
51175Christine Lord33:39.7
52182Jenna Collinge34:20.8
53229Alexa Chausse34:21.1
54230Molly O'Donnell34:45.3
55172Kylie Melli34:55.8
56174Kara Miles34:56.1
57210Laura Ogonowski35:29.6
58185Kaitlin Pelletier36:20.0
59186Laura Rexford36:20.2
60199Sandra Schiavi36:34.3
61197Michelle Piatelli36:35.8
62250Brian Akashian36:43.9
63251Lauren Murphy Akashian36:47.8
64170Lilly Soriano37:48.7
65171Meg Soriano37:49.3
66227Nancy McDonald38:17.6
67240Erin Simpson39:01.5
68204Ryley Niles39:05.2
69207Liam Niles39:06.8
70196Harry Mann39:16.6
71235Kiara Cook39:40.8
72249Ned Akashian39:43.3
73252 39:43.7
74221Sissy Cronk40:16.9
75203Amy Bisson44:08.6
76239Jennifer Cook44:55.3
77234Brody Cook44:56.2
78238Shane Cook44:58.1
79193Devon Spicer45:25.6
80194Brian Spicer45:26.6
81206Doug Niles46:34.2
82205Heather Niles46:49.1
83228Paula Chausse47:59.8
84247Heather Fusco48:00.3
85254Kayla Hayward50:37.9
86  50:43.8
87  55:48.0
88212 55:49.6
89213 58:17.1


PHOTOS, VIDEO: 2016 Dracut All-Sports Booster 5K Turkey Trot

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