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Dracut Voters Help L'Italien, Tsongas Win Re-Election, Fall In Line With State On Most Issues

Nov 11, 2016 12:01PM ● By Bill Gilman


State Sen. Barbara L'Italien, State Rep. Colleen Garry and Congresswoman Niki Tsongas easily won re-election to two years terms Tuesday, with each receiving strong support in Dracut along the way.

Dracut voters also threw their support behind President-elect Donald Trump.

On the four statewide ballot questions, Dracut voters followed the state trend by voting down Questions 2 (expansion of charter schools), while overwhelmingly supporting Question 3 (better conditions for farm animals) and Question 4 (legalization of marijuana). Where Dracut voters parted ways with the state was on Question 1, the expansion of casino gambling by approving a new slots parlor for the state. The ballot question failed but had the support of Dracut voters.

Voter turnout in Dracut was 78 percent, with 16,412 of 21,883 registered voters casting ballots.

(Complete Dracut Election results can be found above, attached to this story as a PDF file.)

L'Italien, an Andover Democrat representing the 2nd Essex and Middlesex District, won a resounding victory over Republican challenger Susan LaPlante (63.4 - 36.6 percent). In Dracut, a traditionally conservative town, the margin was somewhat closer, with L'Italien winning 55.1 - 44.9 percent (8,206-6,698).

"We won and we won big! It was clear to the voters that I spent time in all 4 communities and care about their concerns," L'Italien posted to her Facebook page. "I won every single precinct we've seen, which I think speaks to the trust the voters have in my work! Thanks so much to everyone who helped and especially the voters of my wonderful district!"

Garry, Democrat, representing the 36th Middlesex District, was running unopposed.

Tsongas, a Democrat representing the 3rd Congressional District, had no prouble fending off a challenge from Republican Ann Wofford, 68.7 - 31.3 percent. In Dracut, Tsongas won by a slightly smaller margin, 64.5 - 35.5 percent (10,231-5,640).

In the presidential election, Hillary Clinton easily won Massachusetts but Donald Trump won Dracut, 51.3 - 40.9 percent (8,318-6,626).

On Question 1, which would have approved a second slots parlor in Massachusetts, Dracut voters said "Yes", by a margin of 55.8 - 44.2 percent (8,756-6,926). It was defeated across the state, 60.7 - 39.3 percent. 

Question 2, which would have raised the cap on the number of Charter Schools allowed in the state, was defeated by a wide margin, 62.1 - 37.9 percent. Locally, Dracut voted against it by a slightly lower marginal, 60.1 - 39.9 percent (8,756 - 6,926).

Question 3, which dealt with better conditions for farm animals, was approved by state voters, 77.7 - 22.3 percent. Dracut voters approved it similarly wide margin, 74.5 - 25.5 percent (11.964 -  - 4,090).

Question 4 will legalize the personal cultivation and use of marijuana in limited amounts and with certain restrictions. State voters approved the question, 53.5 - 46.4 percent. Dracut voters supported the measure, 51.5 - 48.5 percent  (8,305 - 7,835).

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