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You Can Make A Difference In These People's Lives (Part 1)

Oct 31, 2016 10:08PM ● By Bill Gilman
As we head into the holiday season, we are starting a new, occasional feature on Your Dracut Today.
It's called "You Can Make A Difference."
In each feature, we will shine a spotlight on a fundraising effort, a local organization or just someone in need of assistance that you might be able to help.
Let's face it, it feels good to give. And it feels even better when you know you are making a difference.
We're going to start with two "Go Fund Me" campaigns based out of Dracut that have been online for a while but have yet to reach their goals.
Maybe we can chance that.

Rachel Haddad #CANCERSUCKS

This campaign was started back in June with a goal of $25,000. To date, just over $7,000 has been raised.
Here is the story:
Sometimes hero's need saving too. Rachel is one of those people who does not think twice about helping anyone, she is an amazing woman who has taken care of many. She is my hero and im sure many of yours as well. As most of know she moved to Vegas a little over a year ago to start fresh... a new beginning... however, just a little over a week ago she was hit with the crippling news that her cancer has returned in multi spots . Now once again, she has to put her life on hold for many months to battle this disease. Rachel would never ask for anyone's help but as one of her best friends I feel it's my duty to help her in any way possible. I am asking for as many donations as possible to help our friend get back on her feet once she makes it through this already difficult time. Thank you so much for showing her the love and support that she blessed us with on a daily basis it is appreciated greatly!
Click here to donate to 

Rachel Haddad #CANCERSUCKS.

Mallorie's Handicap Van
This campaign Started in September with a goal of $10,000. But to date, just over $1,500 has been raised,

Here is the story:
Someone I love has Mitochondrial Disease. She is my sister and her name is Mallorie. 
Mitochondrial Disease is compared to a battery that is having trouble making things work. Mitochondrial Disease is causing my sister's body not to work well. She has had 2 strokes and many many TIA's. Mallorie is now having problems with long walks. She is tripping when walking and falling when her energy is low (although she always has a smile on her face and never complains). She needs everyone's help to get enough money for a down payment to get approved for this handicap van! Anything helps and everything is greatly appreciated!!

Click here to donate to 

Mallorie's Handicap Van

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