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VIDEO: Watch As Dracut Native Celebrates Epic $100,000 Win On Price Is Right

Oct 28, 2016 07:48AM ● By Bill Gilman

(Courtesy Raymond Keefe, Facebook Page)

It's the moment that all game show fans dream of - that moment when you not only get to be a contestant on your favorite show, but you walk away as a big winner.
Dracut native Raymond Keefe lived out that dream earlier this month when he won $100,000 on The Price Is Right.
A 1990 graduate of Dracut High School, and presently living in Arizona, Keefe announced his big win on the Facebook Group "You know You Grew Up in Dracut."
"Hello fellow Dracuteers!!! So this happened recently!!! Not that I'm bragging... okay... I am, but it's big news for this old Dracut native Class of 1990!!! Hi Mom and Dad!!!! I am overwhelmed with gratitude today!! I've just given new meaning to the term ROFL!!!"

Keefe attached a video of his appearance, as he played the game "1/2 Off." Keefe had to choose which one of 16 boxes contained $100,000 in cash. The prize was extra big because it was "Big Money Week" on TPIR. His odds improved each time he made a correct guess in the pricing game.
Eventually, there were just two boxes left -- 6 and 12.
Keefe chose 12, lifted the lid and ... well, we will let you watch his reaction.

Congratulations Raymond!

Dracut native Raymond Keefe wins $100,000 on The Price Is Right."

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