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POLL RESULTS: Local Voters Oppose Charter School Expansion

Oct 26, 2016 07:50AM ● By Bill Gilman
mong the referendum questions on the Nov. 8 Massachusetts Election Ballot, Question 2 has generated the most passionate responses.
If it passes, Question 2 would significantly expand the number of Charter Schools in Massachusetts.
Proponents argue that Question 2 will create additional and better academic opportunities for more children. They also contend that the state will allocate more funds, overall to public education.
Opponents argue that Charter Schools, siphon money from traditional public schools, thus diminishing the education offerings of many children. They also argue that the structure of Charter Schools reduces local oversight of education.
We asked local readers how they felt about Question 2 and Charter School expansion in an online/unscientific poll.
We received 120 responses. These are the results.


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